Main stages in the HCG diet


HCG is a special hormone that is produced during pregnancy to help the body breakdown fat and feed the growing baby. Today, many people use the HCG diet along with HCG injections to attain weight loss. Here is a review of the diet and why you should definitely try it out.

Main stages in the HCG diet

Loading stage – This is the preparation stage of the HCG diet; you can eat whatever foods you want. It is a great stage, but it lasts for only 2 days. The next stage will be a lot stricter, and the first stage is meant to prepare your body for the challenge that lies ahead.

Maintenance stage – This stage is when people really start seeing positive weight loss outcomes, provided they follow all the rules. For about one month, you are expected to place your body through an HGG diet of less than 500 calories per day. There is no reason of being afraid of this diet since the HCG injections will keep your metabolism functioning normally throughout the dieting period. No starvation is involved and instead HCG helps people conquer their cravings and pass this stage without struggling.

Stabilization stage – Like in all other diet programs the final stabilization stage in the HCG diet is essentially a transitional stage. This is where you are supposed to progressively start switching back to higher calorie foods without gaining weight. The HCG injections are vital at this point for reintroducing back a healthier higher calorie diet while still maintaining a lower weight. The real appeal of HCG is that it produces a more normal and attractive fat distribution, and it also reduces the discomfort and hunger related to low calorie diets.hcg-measure

Recommended foods while on an HCG diet

The HCG diet is not as rigid when it comes to the foods you should eat, which makes it even more interesting to follow. However, since it is a low calorie plan, eating is restricted in the maintenance stage. The fact that you can still enjoy a wide range of foods will make things much easier. Below are some examples of the foods you will still enjoy during the strict second stage while taking the HCG injections:

  • Beverages – Milk, tea, water and coffee

  • Vegetables – Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, asparagus and cabbage

  • Meat/fish – Veal, chicken breast, crab and shrimp

  • Seasonings – Pepper, salt, garlic, parsley and vinegar

  • Fruits – Apples, oranges, grapefruits and strawberries.

This is only a small part of the extensive food list that you can use while on the HCG diet. There is literary such a wide range of options that you will never get bored when doing this diet.