People who want to lose weight and get a slimmer body usually head to the gym or for the chamber of a dietician. While changes in diet and regular workouts are very useful in fighting against that extra flab, there is another way to reduce weight easily and pretty much conveniently. Over the last few years, experts have discovered that HCG injections play a vital role in reducing the weight of an individual.

It is true that HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone if better related to treating infertility in both men and women, however, recent studies have shown that they also play a major role in helping one reduce the body weight.

How does HCG work for weight loss?

It is rather surprising that a hormone which is known to treat conditions of infertility can also help reducing body weight. However, once you understand the working of HCG injections on your body, these questions that are bubbling up in your mind would simply vanish in thin airs.

HCG injections are to be taken along with a strict diet program known as the HCG diet program. As a part of this diet program, the calorie intake for any individual is limited to nothing more than 500 calories a day. When the shots are being taken along with such limited calorie intake, it helps in eliminating the fat cells of the body more conveniently as compared to any workout regime.

The HCG injections cause the body to distribute the effects to the fat cells, and not the muscle cells. It actually helps in retention of lean muscle without absorbing any nutrition from any of the other cells that are in the body. This leads to the burning of the fat cells to provide the adequate calories that are required by the body to function normally, thereby bringing the weight loss in effect.

Effects of HCG injections

People who have used HCG injections along with the diet program have found extremely beneficial results. While the outcome may vary from person to person, generally speaking, losing out on 30 to 50 pounds in six to eight week’s time is not a difficult task. There are many people who have reshaped their body outline with the prescribed usage of the HCG shots.

In addition to lose weight, other positive effects of HCG shots include better metabolism, higher levels of testosterone that leads to better virility and less appetite.

A quick word of caution

While HCG can be taken in forms other than HCG injections, it is recommended that one should depend on the shots only. Other options like oral pellets or drops are not approved by FDA and hence should not be considered for consumption. The injections on the other hand are absolutely legal and can be prescribed by registered medical practitioners. You may want to check with your doctor and start with the dosage of HCG shots without any further delay if you are in a hurry to shed the extra flab that you have on your body.